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Dirt Bike Protection – What Type of Dirt Bike Linkage Protection Do You Need?

At Obie Link Guard, we are concerned about your dirt bike linkage protection. We want to make sure you have the proper dirt bike linkage protection that is state of the art as well as affordable. That’s why we created the Obie Link Guard. It provides dirt bike linkage protection from mud and dirt, as well as obstacles like rocks, boulders, logs and the like. The Obie Link Guard is available for most brands and models of dirt bikes. Best of all the Obie Link Guard is lightweight, durable, easy to install, and affordable. For both quality and price you can’t get better dirt bike linkage protection than the Obie Link Guard. As an environmentally friendly company we think it is important that each of us do our part. With this in mind, we manufacture this special dirt bike linkage protection with recycled plastic. It’s also an American product built in Boise, Idaho and tested in the mountains and hills that surround the area.

How and why was Obie Link Guard invented? Owner and creator, Mark Olberding (“Obie”), loves to ride and race dirt bikes. He noticed he was having trouble keeping his linkage clean and protected. Having the sense that dirt bike linkage protection was important, he came up with an affordable link guard to protect and extend the life of his dirt bike linkage. Why? Because replacing linkage can be expensive and you want to keep your linkage in top condition as long as you can.

The Obie Link Guard design protects the bearings and extends the life of the suspension of your dirt bike. It also makes it easier to skid over logs and rocks as the linkage doesn’t get hung up. There is also less maintenance for linkage bearings and less greasing is needed. This helps reduce the cost of linkage replacement. We have multiple Obie Link Guard models to choose from for your dirt bike and skid plate. You can visit our shop at for more information. If you don’t see your model, just contact us, and we’ll see what we can come up with.

To understand why you need linkage protection, you need to understand how linkage works. Linkage moves the shock at an ever increasing speed by compressing it at progressively greater amounts. Because the shock moves faster and farther at the end of the stroke than it does at the beginning, it’s damping increases. Rising rate linkages change the rate at which the shock travels as the rear wheel moves. Basically, the faster the shock needs to respond, the better the linkage works because it assists the shock.

You need your linkage to last. Our linkage guards help your linkage last longer and stay stronger. Our dirt bike linkage protection protects your linkage against damage from logs and rocks, assists the rider with overcoming tough obstacles and it protects your dirt bike from dirt and grime from entering the linkage’s seal bearings. That means you need less cleaning and less maintenance.

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