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The Official Bench Racing Blog

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This marks the Obie Link Guard first “official” bench racing blog and we’re excited to kick it off!

First, I want to say a big “thank you” to all of our great customers this past year.  We’ve been amazed at how the Obie Link Guard has taken off and how it’s selling around the US and all around the world.  We have sold to 10 different countries in Europe, Japan, South Africa and Australia (we have to get more of those Aussies and Kiwis purchasing down under).  We are looking forward to increasing our branding and increasing sales this next year.

We also are working with some great people in Idaho that have created awesome dirt bike products – AirProFork and KoubaLink.  The AirPro was started in 2010 and the products began selling online in 2012.  The company offers a patented automatic fork bleeder for spring type forks and an equalizer for all of the new airforks currently found on Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki.  AirPro also has a fender adapter kit for KTMs.  AirPro also designs and manufactures custom logo mats made from rubber, vinyl and carpet.

KoubaLink was started in 1997 by Norm Kouba and he primarily began selling lowering linkage kits for Suzuki trail bikes.  The kits were made in his garage until sales grew to the point where he needed help filling all of the orders.  Today, KoubaLink offers lowering kits and performance linkage for almost 100 different motorcycle applications.  They also make adjustable fuel screws for the FCR carburetors, spring adapter kits and mirror extender kits for some of the more popular dual sport motorcycles.

At the line


In the pits

One last thing . . . to mark my 40th anniversary of dirt bike racing, I raced The 18th Annual Oreana 100 Hare & Hound this past weekend.  I took first in the Master’s Class and 15th overall out of 262 starters.  It was a great day and appreciated everyone that helped this weekend.  This is such a great sport to get into – it get’s you pumped up and the people are awesome!

Be sure and subscribe to our Bench Racing Blog as we promise to give you good, up-to-date content with regard to dirt bike riding and racing, and tips for protection and maintenance of your bike.  With my many years of racing and trail riding I want to give you guys some great advice and tips with respect to being a better, more efficient rider/racer and keeping your bike investment at a premium with linkage protection.


REMEMBER . . . Protection is Good!



4 thoughts on “The Official Bench Racing Blog

  1. I just have to provide a very positive review from recent experience riding in the mountains. I have a 2013 KTM 250 XC and had it not been for the Obie link guard a downed log would have damaged my linkage. I kept feeling something hit at the bottom of the bike working to get over this log & the guard completely prevented any damage!
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Glad the guard is working well 🙂

  2. What are the thicknesses of the regular guard and the extreme guard for the KTM ? I have a 2013 KTM 250 XC-F with an Enduro engineering skid plate, and my bike has been lowered one inch. I Ride A lot of single track with plenty of rocks,logs and roots . Also do you need longer bolts (two) for the rear of the skid plate to accommodate the Obie guard? Thanks

    1. Chris – Our Xtreme guards are 20% thicker than our standard guards. The Xtreme should work well with the Enduro Engineering skid plate and the rough terrain you are riding. The bolts that are used for the Enduro Engineering skid plate are long enough for the Obie Link Guard to attach.

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