KAWASAKI – KX 250F-450F Linkage Protection


KAWASAKI – KX 250F-450F Linkage Protection: MODEL YEAR 2009 – 2017; fitted with a Kawasaki stock skid plate.  The Obie Link Guard is designed to attach to your skid plate. NOTE:  FOR PROPER FIT, YOU MUST KNOW YOUR SKID PLATE BRAND!



Kawasaki - KX 250F-450F Linkage Protection
Kawasaki – KX 250F-450F Linkage Protection

KAWASAKI – KX 250F-450F Linkage Protection

This Obie Link Guard is for a Kawasaki – KX 250F or 450F linkage protection: MODEL YEAR 2009 – 2017, which is FITTED WITH A STOCK SKID PLATE.  The Obie Link Guard is made of durable plastic, is lightweight, and is contoured to fit snug against the linkage and skid plate.

Skid plate brands currently available for fit with the Obie Link Guard Kawasaki – KX 250F-450F linkage protection are:  Kawasaki Stock Skid Plate.  If we currently do not have the Obie Link Guard to fit your particular skid plate brand, please contact us and we will make every attempt to build one for you.

Quick and easy installation!  Always install the guard with the engraved “OBIE” facing up on the right (kick starter) side.  Complete installation instructions included with the purchase of the Obie Link Guard.  Check out the installation video for further instructions.

REMEMBER . . . Protection is good!


Additional information


250F, 450F


2009 – 2015, 2009 – 2017, 2016 – 2017

Skid Plate Brand

Kawasaki Stock Skid Plate


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